I gave my flowers to Okoro in the 4th quarter against the Knicks for stifling the defense. I wanted to do a quick film breakdown showing this, but um… I’d like to retract some of my statements. Below are the clips where Okoro was directly involved in the 4th quarter.

I gave him credit citing, “he played great one on one defense on Brunson which completely stalled their offense.” I’d like to walk back on that statement because from rewatching the film, it seems that the stifling came from our elite help defense. Allen, Mobley, and even Love would not allow any easy buckets at the rim.

I included his offensive clips as well. The Knicks were leaving him wide open while he was on the floor (it obviously didn’t end up mattering because they packed the paint on our shooters as well). I think he could have cut more often than he did if he wasn’t ready to fire.

So side note, I am very bad at breaking down what happened on the floor as its happening. I think I saw that the Knicks had horrible offense in the quarter + Okoro got extended minutes so I gave him the benefit of the doubt that he caused it.


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