How much does each team use their starters?


Did a stat dive today to see how many minutes each team uses their starters. I took the bench minutes of each player this season over the first 30 game sample.

Some takeaways:
-The bottom teams in starter minutes are some of the bottom feeders in the standings, but for playoff teams, Milwaukee, Memphis, Clippers and Pelicans use their benches the most.
-The top teams in starter minutes are all teams who are or want to be completing in the playoffs, though Washington, Charlotte, Houston use their starters more than any of the other non-playoff teams and are all well below .500.

What does this mean come playoff time?
Some like to theorize that those who use their starters more are skewing their win totals to make them look better than they are come playoff time. Whereas, those who use their bench more, look better in the playoffs when they restrict their rotations.


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